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7 design trends that will keep your home current in 2021

By Laura Harvey- feb. 26, 2021

One thing that every year yields is home design trends and 2021 is no exception. Often building from the fashion industry and influenced by the current environment and economic status we’ve come up with 7 design trends we see as relevant for 2021. This is in agreement with other designers and home decorators in the industry and elaborates on the current trend for the latest in home design.

Certainly there are a great number of interior design factors and foundations, from

pioneering styles, that have forged the way for new designs to emerge. We’ve

highlighted a few of those to keep your home current for 2021 and years to come.

Here they are:

1. Presence of Organic

The year will have a presence of organic in its furnishings, décor and accessories. From rattan light fixtures, grass-cloth wallpaper, to woven rugs and textiles, an organic feel will play a major role in how homes are designed. Homeowners can bring it in with their flooring and accent walls. Don’t want to make an investment in such costly items? Try a woven cotton pouf or a faux wool throw blanket from etsy.

2. The Color Green

The past several years blue has been all the rage. We’ve seen it everywhere, from

accent walls to vases and candle holders. But there’s a new color in town and it’s green. Using variations of this hue, especially towards the muted end of the spectrum will enhance any space and provide a current look to your home. 

Think soft shades such as Liveable Green or Svelte Sage both by Sherwin Williams. If you’re concerned about committing to painting an entire wall, try adding the color green with throw pillows,

draperies, or décor.  

3. Matte Metals

We’re loving the new matte metals, especially in fixtures. Nothing dresses up a kitchen or bath easier or for less money than new hardware and faucets. There’s a wide array of metals that come in matte finish such as; gold, copper, black and silver. Don’t be afraid to mix and match them as well for a snazzy high-end effect. Think of them as ‘jewelry’ for your home. 

4. Stoneware Pottery

One of my favorite classes from junior high was a pottery class. It was about creating something with your hands and because it was handmade it didn’t have to be perfect. In fact imperfections is what some artists strive to show. Adding a custom touch to your home with beautiful clay or ceramic pottery provides an extra layer of class and artistic flare. Try grouping several pieces together on a set of books or using one to hold fresh flowers on a vanity. Looking for hand-made pieces try shopping at west elm.   

5. Ceiling Beams

Whether you’re decorating in modern farmhouse or craftsman bungalow, adding beams to a ceiling will richen the space. It can give a room a cozy feel or create interest in an expansive dwelling. Feeling industrious, there is plenty of YouTube videos on how to install yourself or hire a trim carpenter to build them. You can have fun with different species and color stains of wood. 

6. Natural Cabinetry

Wood tones and stain cabinetry are making a comeback. Not to say that solid white or gray cabinets are outdated but that there’s room for other possibilities with natural wood. This is good news for those that don’t want to invest in new cabinets just to have a trendier color, now you can stay in the game with simply adding new hardware and a fresh backsplash.  

7. Outdoor Living Spaces

Utilizing outdoor spaces and making them flow seamlessly from the indoors has been popular recently and looks like it will continue. Spending time at home has become more prevalent and what better way to create a retreat than with your own back patio. 

Live in an apartment or don’t have a patio? Try carving out a small space that has an egg chair like this wicker teardrop swing chair from Wayfair. Then add a sisal rug, a hanging palm plant and mosaic side table and viola, you’ve got your own oasis.  

Want help with these design trends? Contact us at and we’ll guide you through with our expert advice and resources. 

Laura Harvey


Laura Harvey is an Interior Designer, Writer and Stager with Staging Arizona Design Group. She has a B.A.A. in Interior Design and loves home improvement and spending time with her fur baby, Ranger. When she’s not writing you’ll find her refurbishing and repurposing old furniture. 

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